Hello – The Simplest of Words

I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for a while now, but I wasn’t able to find anything I could write about. “If I’m going to write a blog about something, it has to be something I’m fluent with, as well as something that I can write a lot about” I thought to myself. Well, I’m an aspiring writer after all, so why not write… about writing!

Writing has fascinated me ever since I was a child. I was able to read fluently in English and Slovak (my native language) by the age of four and ever since then I have been unable to put a book down if I open it. It fascinated me how the letters formed into words, words into sentences  and sentences into such fascinating stories. Stories take place in a whole new realm, completely different from ours and that fascinates me. I always wanted to write something, something big, something that would be noticed, something amazing. But truth be told, I was a terrible writer until maybe a year or so ago when I finally discovered my talent as a writer (reader, I believe everyone has a talent in writing, albeit undiscovered). I would refer to this talent not as a talent to write, but a talent to captivate. I noticed it when I was preparing a project for my lit. class about my favourite book. Projects usually take a long time to complete, but this project felt like it flowed, it felt like it just sort of… happened. After I presented the project people came to me and asked if they could borrow the book and most prominently, they asked how I wrote such an awesome project. It’s hard to explain and you’ve probably asked someone a similar question before. “Wow, how did you write that?”
I don’t know how to reply to such a question. Partly because I’m a mildly asocial and generally incompetent human being and can’t receive compliments without smiling and shutting up and partly because it’s kind of a trick question. How did I write that? With my hand of course! But that’s not the answer anyone wants. See, when I find an interesting thread of thought in my mind, it’s like someone dumped a bucket of ice cold water on me. I just have to write it it down! So simply said, I wrote that because I felt like it.
After that I took an interest in writing, began researching different ways to write and styles to use and so on. I didn’t think myself a good writer and so I was pretty shy with showing my stories, but one day my girlfriend discovered a story in my block titled “Is Anyone Out There” and read it against my suggestion. She beamed at me after she finished reading it and said that it’s a great story. The story is to this day unpublished because I’m really, really, embarassed of it, but that’s part of being a writer after all.
After that I started showing my stories to my friends which helped build some confidence in my stories.
Now at this point in my story, my amazing lit. teacher comes in. We were talking about sonnets in class and they really interested me. I’ll most likely make a post later about sonnets and why I’m so interested in them at a later date. The concept of sonnets and the way they were written, the way they flowed on my tongue when I read them… Finally, I found a style of poetry that I liked. After that lesson I asked the teacher about how sonnets were written and by the time the day had ended, I had written a sonnet. (reader you must understand that more than I considered myself a horrible writer I was actually a horrible poet)

Since then I have broadened my view on literature, writing almost anything that came under my hand. I have problems sticking to longer stories, as I tend to overcomplicate and overhype certain parts and feel like the rest simply can’t live up to that chapter (hopefully this blog will help me stick around to my stories more). And now, I’m starting this blog to detail my views on literature as well as writing for you to read.

Welcome, to my Blog.


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