Going Backwards

Everyone has a route they follow to get somewhere every day, whether it’s to school, work, maybe even to the shops… It may seem a weird question, but have you ever went backwards on the same route? If it’s a short route, or if you travel by car you might answer yes. In my case, I take a different route to get to school and a different route to get from school, because of the way public transport works.
This morning I found out that the tram I took every morning had its route changed and no longer stops at my stop (it doesn’t even go in the general direction of my stop anymore!). And so I resorted to traveling the same route I take in the afternoons. I would call it a surreal experience but frankly it’s just so ordinary. But it didn’t feel that way, it felt so different. Now I’m no newcomer to my city, I have been living here for almost two decades yet I’ve never experienced this sensation of… discovery?
Honestly, today’s walk inspired me (and made me come fifteen minutes late for class! ) and further fueled an idea I had a while back.
Going backwards. Going the opposite direction. Books don’t go the opposite direction. But what if they did? No, that wouldn’t work, too confusing. What if books were written backwards. Yeah… That’s a nice idea…
I want to write a novel backwards.

I hope I didn’t confuse you too much with the last passage, reader, I tend to confuse people when I’m explaining this.
So let me clarify.
I want to write a novel backwards. What I mean by this is that I start by writing the epilogue, then the last chapter and so on.
This will be an interesting challenge because as a storyteller you have to explain in a relatively linear fashion, which will be rather hard seeing as you’re forgetting about who the characters are and what happened to them in essence. I won’t be denoting my progress on the novel on this blog, so as not to spoil the story. I will update ever so often on the status of the novel, but since this will be my first novel I’ll take my time to make it as good as I possibly can so don’t expect a post about the novel more often than once per month. The novel so far has an epilogue and about 50% of the last chapter – under 10 pages (I am a slow but thorough writer and those ten pages were written over the course of today).
I’m going to go ahead and guess how long it’ll take me to finish the novel; let’s aim for a year. The fourth of December 2015 sounds like a reasonable date.
Well then, back to writing!


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