Stay Awake

I have been diagnosed with mild insomnia a few years back. Hmm, no that sounds too deadly.
I have insomnia. Much better.
I often stay up until around 1AM simply because I can’t fall asleep. I refuse to take the pills my doctor recommended because of all the damn dude effects. If I need to go blind so I can fall asleep properly then I’d rather keep my insomnia, thank you very much. Besides, it’s not as bad as it seems. I actually enjoy staying up late, because the night just looks so much nicer than the day. Frankly it’s also much calmer and much more quiet. Just generally, better.
But what do you do during these nights?
I… Stay awake! Generally I spend these nights listening to EDM and writing. I wrote quite a lot of stories and started quite a lot of blog posts at around midnight actually. Tonight, (yesterday for you, reader) I was working on the novel mentioned in yesterday’s post and spotify was kind enough to introduce me to possibly the most beautiful EDM song I have ever heard. The song is Stay Awake (hence the post title) by Madeon and Ellie Goulding. The song perfectly mixes Madeon’s beautiful electronic beat and Ellie’s gorgeous vocals. The sting reminded me of nights when I’d stay up with my girlfriend or friends which was always enjoyable. The song’s shrill tune also worked like an energy drink and I swear my WWPM doubled (if not tripled). And so good progress was made on the novel and I’m thinking of changing the way I’m writing it ever so slightly. Sometimes I might write a chapter from the front instead of the back of the novel and I don’t want a writing ‘pattern’ to hold me back.
I want to end this post with a quote from the song that I’ve been listening to all night.

We don’t have to wait till the morning,
The sun will never go down
And we will be this way forever
We’ve gotta take it now
So stay awake, stay awake~


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