Parasite, or: “Why Western Movies Just Won’t Do” – Kisejuu Sei no Kakuritsu Review

At first I wanted to dedicate this blog to writing and writing only, but then I realised that writing isn’t a magical well of topics to write about. At a glance, writing is a pretty strict area of art. What’s written? “Books and plays and poems and that’s it,” you might think (or might not, I don’t know you reader) but that’s not all! Every dialogue in a movie is written by a writer, every line in a drama is written by a writer — simply said writers are everywhere. And so I decided to not only focus on writing (and literature as you might know from my first post)
Reviews were always my kind of thing. I’d often utilise this skill to try and get the few friends I have to make them watch movies with me.
So without further a do let’s start with the review.

kiseijuu thumb

It’s no surprise that Anime is so different from anything we know and. . . that is what attracts me to it. The storyline of Parasite goes on a humongous effort to prove that.
How? Well, imagine that within the first 20 minutes of any western movie or TV series this happens (in this particular order, mind you):
-The main character gets absolutely (pardon me) batshit scared of a minute spider
-He gropes his crush’s boobs
-He remembers that a snake burrowed into the his arm last night
-He saves a baby girl from being run over by a car by jumping in front of it and smashing it with his right arm
-He attempts to cut his arm off
-The arm grows an eye and mouth and talks to him
-Plot twist: his arm was eaten by a parasite (which burrowed into his arm last night)
The episode ends with a ciffhanger at which I was unable to sleep without watching the next episode. Not freaked out yet? Well let’s start with the review!
Kisejuu Sei no Kakuritsu – Parasite, the Maxim is a sci-fi/horror anime based on Iwaaki Hitoshi’s manga by the same name.

The plot revolves around the life of 17-year-old Izumi Shinichi who lives with his parents in Tokyo. One night, worm-like aliens invade Earth with one simple survivalist goal: take over the brains of human hosts or die. One of these worm-like aliens attempts to crawl into Shinichi’s ear while he sleeps but fails because he’s wearing headphones. It instead enters his body by burrowing into his arm which awakens him and he manages to prevent it from entering his brain by wrapping the earphone cord around his arm -a truly heroic way of not getting your brain eaten- preventing the parasite from entering his brain before it matured, which prevented further relocation.
His arm moves on its own at times because the parasite is in fact only imitating the shape of the arm (this leads to him groping his crush’s left breast without realising it or consciously doing so (she ended up making him invite her out as an apology, a win-win situation if you ask me)).

kiseijuu arm

In my opinion this is one of the best animes that I’ve seen so far but it’s definitely not for people unacquainted with the genre; if you haven’t watched any anime before, you shouldn’t watch this one first. The scenes are very grotesque and it starts out with a gore ridden scene of a parasyte eating another person’s head (Yes, they are called parasytes with an ‘y’, or so the internet says) which might not be the best introduction to the anime genre. But honestly… I find this to be one of the best animes I have ever seen because it mixes my two favourite genres into this amazing hybrid (my favourite anime genres are Romacne and Mystery, shoujo being the third favourite one (yes, I have seen Hyouka and it is amazing.)).

Long story short, if you’ve already seen some anime and don’t mind some grotesque scenes then definitely go ahead and watch this anime! On the other hand if you are considering starting to watch anime, I’d direct you towards Hyouka (or: “I’m curious” in Japanese repeated every few minutes or so) or one of these: Free!BakemonogatariMyself;YourselfAngel Beats or Kotoura-san


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