This is not an original poem of mine. I stumbled across this beautiful piece while browsing facebook (never thought I’d say that) and it felt challenging to translate, which is what I look for in translations to be honest. The original is written (and sung) by Katarína Knechtová and the title is Naveky. Click here to listen to it.

The world is cruel, I think I know
While the soul sleeps
In memories, everything bad fades
The heart, heals

Even when you’re leaving
Forever in me you’re staying

As the moon reflects down light
To the ocean in the dark of the night
I’ll be such a reflection of you
In the hectic days of this world
I’ll find my way out, to you,
To the whole world

All pain teaches the soul to grow,
I think you know
One step forward making two steps back
The truth, I will find
While the heart stays blind

What you feel I know, because I feel it too


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