Today on the bus I saw an old man
With pen and paper in hand he sits so subtle
Turning his thoughts into words that fill in the blanks
In a crossword puzzle, finding the answer looks so simple

Watching his hand flow from square to square
Filling in a letter that might fit there
He often writes half a word and moves to the next
His thoughts already found meaning of ‘underplexed’

I don’t see young people filling in these puzzles
Could it be that crosswords were made entirely for the elderly?
Is it simply too hard for a young mind to solve these linguistic puzzles?
Do they not know which president was J. F. Kennedy?

It takes a great wisdom to solve such a puzzle, sure
But still I wonder back to this man and his paper
Filling in the words, not even completely, how can he be so sure?
There he goes again,  I would’ve never guessed ‘H20 – G’ stands for as simple a word as ‘vapor’

By the time I arrived at my destination
The man solved two great puzzles,
Leaving me in a state of utter confusion
How can a mind so great not be solving much larger puzzles?

The man got off at the same stop as me
I asked him how he solved the crosswords
He said that I should let it be,
That with age comes a new sagacity, sagacity of words


3 thoughts on “Crossword

  1. Sam, I don’t know you personally, but only a person who cares for people in general can make such a great observation. In a culture where youth is revered and elders are easily dismissed, it’s encouraging to see that people like you still value people my age. Great post.


    1. Thank you! I’m flattered, really! 🙂
      I’m an introverted person by nature so I often notice how other people behave and what they do. I believe that crosswords are the simplest proof of the statement that with age comes wisdom.
      (note: yes I’m terrible at crosswords)


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