Daffodil Day and the 10€ Flower

Today was ‘Daffodil Day’ in Slovakia. You probably have no clue what daffodil day is so let me explain. During the day, young people walk through the streets of Bratislava -our capital city- with a box of little paper and plastic daffodil pins, a box for money and some flyers. Throughout the day they stop people on the streets and offer a daffodil to them. The stranger then pays any amount of money as a donation to the anti-cancer league (or whatever it’s called). Later on in the day these young people hand out live daffodils to people who donate, to make their day better. It’s really a nice feeling walking through the streets and seeing people with daffodils pinned to their bags, coats or scarves, some people with multiple daffodils, or carrying live daffodils.
The most beautiful thing though, is that often people stop the volunteers and donate.
Pretty much every single one of the few hundred thousand people living in this city buy a flower to help fight cancer.
Most people pay 2€ for their daffodil, because it’s the biggest coin and that was my plan too. I caught an early morning bus and went to the city to look for the volunteers. This was not hard, I spotted then immediately after I got off the bus. I stopped then and asked for one daffodil. I opened my wallet only to realise I only had a tenner and two cents.
I didn’t want to donate my only tenner, and neither did I want to give them two cents because that’s just rude.
I decided that I would see how much money I spent that day and donate whatever was left.
I planned on taking my girlfriend out for coffee, but she needed to get on an early bus home and so that plan went out the window. I found two food tickets and ordered a meal (a food ticket is a voucher worth 3€ which is only usable on food products, and is inexchangeable for money). I spent exactly the amount my tickets were worth and sure enough on my way to the bus stop I met the boys from the morning yet again.
I smiled at them, took out my wallet and said: “Well boys, I guess I owe you ten euro.”


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