Sparkling mortality

Reblogged from – written by Branislav Bruder.
A beautiful, truly heart felt description of the deception of uniqueness. I’m definitely going to delve into such ideas after I finish my novel — in between me finishing it, publishing it and starting another large project.
I enjoy your writing style, I feel like I’m reading a scientist’s view on human life through a belletristic point of view — professional, yet accessible.
Looking forward to reading more.

Branislav Brúder

A bottle. A mere plastic bottle. Just sitting there, motionless, on the table. Only observable motion takes place within the bottle itself. Sparkling bubbles within it attempting to escape it’s plastic containment. Will they succeed, Perhaps they will be capable of escaping their plastic containment, perhaps not. In the end, does it really matter?

Even if they manage to make their way past the sealed lid, within seconds they simply dissipate, vanish. They become…well nothing. A marvelous metaphor for human life. We try to escape our mundane lives, to be something special, different, unique. These hapless attempts often times fail, however. And even if they do, this memory usually survives within people only for decades, at best.

Thus, these people become just another corpses,cadavers,skeletons nothing but food for annelids. We hopelessly attempt to extend our meaningless lives, but for what purpose? To crack the question of mortality? Have more time to…

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